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Wake up from autopilot and wind up for the day

Wake up from autopilot

When we live on autopilot, we stop noticing the sights, smells, tastes, and feels of things, and we could be missing out on some wonderful moments and opportunities by rushing through life. So change things up. Wake up from autopilot and notice how different things feel. They might feel a bit strange at first, and that's completely normal.

Try a couple of these ideas and see what thoughts you have as well as feelings and body sensations. They are all simple tasks but it can be amazing to see what a big difference just a little change can make to your daily life.

  • Drive or walk a different way home from work

  • Walk and notice what's around you. Start to notice buildings, nature and have a look upwards.

  • We're creatures of habit, so try changing some of the small things, like the chair that you sit in or the cup you drink from.

  • Watching TV is an easy habit to get into. For a week, mindfully select what shows you actually want to watch, and consciously switch the TV off in between. What else can you use the time to do? Read, call a friend, meditation or do some gardening.

  • Take a digital detox, even if just for a day.

  • Grow a plant and really pay attention to it. Looking after and nurturing something can make us happier.

  • Pick an activity you used to love doing when you were a kid or when life was a little less crazy. Bike rides for fun, shooting some hoops, painting, or doing a jigsaw puzzle. Make some time to do one of these and bring back that sense of focus and contentment.

Wind up for the day

After you wake up from autopilot, start your day in the right way. Giving you the best possible chance to have a great day and set yourself up to tackle all the obstacles that are thrown at you. If you're not looking after yourself and being the best version of you, then you won't be as effective and happy as possible. You won't be able to serve the people around you in the best way, whether it's family, friends, customers or people at work.

What makes you feel good for the day ahead? Try a few of these and create a routine that works for you. Don't feel like you have to do them all; pick and mix the ones that are right for you and your day.

  • Drink a glass of water right after you wake up. This will start hydrating your body and make you feel more alert.

  • Move your body. Even if it's not a workout, try to flow to get your body moving.

  • Make your bed - a tidy environment means a tidy mind.

  • Meditate. Even just a couple of minutes can help put you in the right mindset for your day ahead.

  • Mentally set your intention for the day. Choose how you want to be feeling to match the tasks you need to be doing. Do you need to be creative, focused or supportive?

  • Plan your food for the day (or do it the night before). Studies show you'll make better eating decisions if you plan beforehand rather than decide at the point in time.

  • Commit to what fitness or movement you're doing for the day. Book it into your schedule like a meeting!

  • Create a mantra for yourself. Which is a short paragraph to read to yourself to set your mindset, beliefs and energy for the day. For example, if some of your stories and mind chatter is about not believing that you'll be able to lose weight, focus your mantra on loving yourself, believing in yourself or having all the confidence to tackle your goals. It could be, "I love myself, am proud of myself and have all the tools and power to achieve my goals."

  • Have a vision board. Create a board of pictures and words with your goals and dreams on. Look at it every morning imagining what it's like to achieve them.

  • Laugh! Watch a short comedy clip or something to make you laugh.

So, after you wake up from autopilot, get started some of the above suggestions. The idea is that you enter into your day feeling more alert and ready to face the tasks ahead. It's so easy to turn to a large cup of coffee and hope the caffeine will revive you. But, these more natural energy boosters will help your long-term health.

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